Let's talk about small, micro rigs! It's harder to create a masterful functioning rig in smaller spaces, which is 1 of the reasons why micro rigs are so impressive. Not to mention, they don't expand the vapor as much in such a small can space, which translates to more flavorful dabs to the face. 

What you want most for #flavorsaver dab rigs is minimum diffusion and maximum flavor - which is pretty much 99.47% of the dab rigs that we offer at our heady Betty spaghetti establishment. 

Micro rigs are also easier to clean which we love! Bigger, more intricate pieces are harder to clean because there can often times be unreachable spots. 

Please click here and you will be taken to our favorite micro rig at the moment by JD Maplesden and Taco Dabs! 



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