investinheadies - Our Values

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When you’re part of the #investinheadies team, it’s because we believe in you and know you’re putting good out into the world. That’s why we’ve put our values on paper - so we can hold ourselves to a high standard of building this incredible community and being positive forces in the world. Below are our six top values. We hope you see our values displayed in every interaction with the @investinheadies team!

#1 Inclusivity: Make friends and bring people onto the team and into the #investinheadies fam

#2 Honesty: Integrity in everything we do

#3 Communication: Be clear, specific, and helpful in your communication with your team and community

#4 Growth: Improve everyday, in small and big ways

#5 Fun! Prioritize smiling and making others smile

#6 Respect: For each other and for the earth

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