Instagram Sizelove Drop

Instagram Live Sizelove Drop!!!


June 6th from 4:20pm - 7:10pm @investinheadies Instagram 


Brand new work from @steve_sizelove + the first ever heady collabs with @zachbrownglass




2 ways to win:


1). Placing a bid in one of our SIZELOVE auctions


2.) Tagging a friend in our SIZELOVE giveaway


Giveaway winners will be chosen during the IG live stream!


(GIVEAWAY items from our sponsors):


@created2conquer - (moodmat & sticker pack)


@moodmats - (heady custom mats for the show)


@Dr.Ladybug420 (brand new mats & slaps)


@Terptana (japanese inspired dab blade) ⛩️


@mystictimber (split personality 1 of 1 tool)


@VincentGordon (blotter art, sticker pack, moodmats)


@HighLeafExtracts - (hat and sticker pack)


@investinheadies - banger, cap, moodmat, and pendy!

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