Mystery Box Mania 🎁🔥
Mystery Box Mania 🎁🔥
Mystery Box Mania 🎁🔥
Mystery Box Mania 🎁🔥
Mystery Box Mania 🎁🔥
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Mystery Box Mania 🎁🔥

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Mystery Box Mania 🎁🔥 drops TODAY, at 4:20pm PST on 🌐 INVESTINHEADIES.COM 🌐 
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4 boxes available 💙💜💚 each with a value of at least $855 🤠 and in this special situation they're only $420, 🤯 but DON'T SLEEP ❌😴 these are gonna go quick!!! (One of them is worth over $1485) 💰🤯
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EACH BOX COMES WITH FULL HEADY SET UP: rig, pendant, dabber, moodmat, and sticker pack...

 THIS DROP ALL 4 WINNERS 🏆 GET THE 1ST 4 iih membership boxes for FREE 🆓 ($500 value in the box alone!!! And comes with all sorts of other perks)

Each handmade 1 of 1 piece of art 🎨

We feature different artists every drop 💧 and this one is full of heat 🔥🔥🔥 below are some potential artists you could get in your box:












and many more!!!

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Each box is hand packed with care, with lots of very handy heady goodies, and a legit sticker pack! 🐓🤖😺 Also a list of each item, with artist info, and retail price is included for max intel 😎🔥
 goodies.  😺🔥  🗿🍝🍺
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