Erin Bourguignon - Yakko (Animaniacs)
Erin Bourguignon - Yakko (Animaniacs)
Erin Bourguignon

Erin Bourguignon - Yakko (Animaniacs)

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Erin Bourguignon kills it with all her hand drawn glass; especially so with these disk flip character pendies!!! Yakko, oldest Warner brother and the zany trio's unofficial leader (LoL) is stylin' in this heady piece! #weloveit #handdrawnwithlove #erinbglass #animaniacs

These drawings take insane amounts of precision, and hours of work to complete!

Erin draws with as small as a 1mm thick burning hot stringer, a piece of glass for drawing on more glass, and then that has to be flipped inside out, and sealed so it's smooth... 🤩💎 Sooo much dedication and patience goes into each piece ... 

Size: 1.5" x 2"

Signed and dated. 

If you look at the artistic rendering with the side view, you can see how the image gets magnified 🔎 and appreciate the intricacy of the work

Comes with a custom matching Madz Threadz 🥳