Erin Bourguignon - Pinky & the Brain
Erin Bourguignon - Pinky & the Brain
Erin Bourguignon

Erin Bourguignon - Pinky & the Brain

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Erin Bourguignon kills it with all her hand drawn glass; especially so with these disk flip character pendies!!! The lovable Pinky and the diabolical Brain are looking super dope and ready to take over your world in this heady art creation. #weloveit #handdrawnwithlove #erinbglass #PinkyandtheBrain 🌬️

These drawings take insane amounts of precision, and hours of work to create! 

Erin draws with as small as a 1mm thick burning hot stringer, a piece of glass for drawing on more glass, and then the design has to be flipped inside out, and sealed so it's smooth... 🤩💎 Sooo much dedication and patience goes into each piece ... 

Size: 1.75" x 2"

Signed and dated. 

If you look from the side view, you can see how the image gets magnified 🔎 and appreciate the intricacy of the work

Comes with a custom matching Madz Threadz 🥳