Blais Glass - 6mm Nano Slurper Set
Blais Glass - 6mm Nano Slurper Set
Blais Glass

Blais Glass - 6mm Nano Slurper Set

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These Blais Glass Slurpers are handmade in Half Moon Bay, CA of high quality American made quartz. 💎

This set includes pill, 3 pearls, valve marble, and slurper marble. All are American made boro by the heady betty Blais Glais. 

Blais Glass magical quartz creations allow you to take huge dabs, at very low-temps, creating beautiful, tasty, clouds of smoke. 😊💨 These slurpers will make dabbing more fun, allowing you to incorporate marbles, pills, pearls, and more into your sesh.

Not to mention clouds! ☁️☁️☁️

3 slits for perfect pearl or pill spins 🌀

Bring more art and terps into your life with a slurper today!! 

These 6mm slurpers are rare and the perf addition to your 6mm nano klein!