IFTG - Murakami Pocket Temper
IFTG - Murakami Pocket Temper
IFTG - Murakami Pocket Temper
IFTG - Murakami Pocket Temper
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IFTG - Murakami Pocket Temper

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IFTG is a straight up baller cat 😸 Hailing from the south 🙌 He is an absolute master when it comes to leather-working and hand stitching some of the headiest designer dab accessories around! 💪

Made with 100% Authentic Fabrics 💎 Each cut is specifically selected & placed to show the true character of the original fabric, while maintaining perfect functionality 🌈 The perfect way to class up any dab station! ♥

The Pocket Temper -

Make sure you take the perfect temperature dab every single time with the Pocket Temper!!


The ODT Pocket Temper is build with quality components and custom programmed to give you an accurate reading of your quartz banger so you take your dab at the desired temperature every single time. 💪 Built in a small compact shell, this device is meant for on the go use. Smaller than your smart phone you can fit the pocket temper anywhere.



  • Multi colored screen
  • Battery percentage indicator
  • USB C Rechargeable battery
  • Programmable Temperature Alarm
  • Small Compact Design


User Guide comes with each device

  • Returns/ Warranty

    Guaranteed to be free from defects in functionalty for 6 months from the original purchase date. Proof of purchase is required. Damage from misuse or abuse is not covered under the warranty. The buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. If unit cannot be repaired, we will replace it.


    We reserve the right to refuse all warranty claims that cannot be substantiated as falling under the terms of this warranty statement