JH Glass - Sacred Geometry Dotwork Pendant
JH Glass - Sacred Geometry Dotwork Pendant
Joe Howe Glass

JH Glass - Sacred Geometry Dotwork Pendant

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Jh Glass has been consistently producing some of the most amazing Dot-Worked pieces of art on both sides of the Mississippi 😁 

Every single piece takes so much concentration and work, each dot is made from a single strand of colored glass 🌈 that is hand pulled to be as thin as a hair, & must be placed perfectly to create the desired images! 💯 Dotwork is a technique that has been used in mediums of all forms for centuries, tying all the way back to Pointillism in the late 1800's.

Such an intense geometrical scene, containing multitudes of complimentary angles, beautiful colors and hidden wonders 🤯 Not to mention two opal coins, looking like a blazing fire in the sun 🔥 Signed and Dated 🌟

Size: 1.25"