JH Glass - Elephant Dotwork Pendant
JH Glass - Elephant Dotwork Pendant
JH Glass

JH Glass - Elephant Dotwork Pendant

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Jh Glass has been consistently producing some of the most amazing dotwork pieces of art on both sides of the Mississippi 😁

Every single piece takes so much concentration and work, each dot is made from a single strand of colored glass 🌈 that is hand pulled to be as thin as a hair, and must be placed perfectly to create the desired images! 💯 Dotwork is a technique that has been used in mediums of all forms for centuries, tying all the way back to Pointillism in the late 1800's.

This beautiful pendant features an elephant with a rainbow sunset in the background. The black loop is unobtrusive apart from an opal adoring the front of it. 

Signed and dated (2021).

Width: 1.1"

Height with loop 1.5"