Blais Glass - 6mm CFL Nano Klein
Blais Glass - 6mm CFL Nano Klein
Blais Glass - 6mm CFL Nano Klein
Blais Glass

Blais Glass - 6mm CFL Nano Klein

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This Blais Glass CFL Serum & Purple Rain 🌌☔ Nano Klein brings new wisdom to the #SmallerIsBaller movement! 💪

Amazing function and zero splash, 👌❌💦 thanks to the unique 3 hole disc perc & 3 drain holes on klein - perfected by blais - that allows for maximum function and flavor.

 Blais is always about function first 🥇

This Nano Klein is in Serum - CFL shifty color - goes from gold to pink and is a nice contrast with the Purple Rain. ✨🌌☔

The lines are clean, insane function, and the opal in the marble really POPS!!! 🤗 (plus gets you one step closer to slurping!!)

Comes with 6mm quartz banger, bubble cap, and marble, all in a Pelican case 💼

Height - 4.25"

Joint - 6mm

Message us on IG if you're interested in a 6mm Slurper. We have one in the vault from Blais that could be included as well. 💰

Upgrade your life with this heady set; shred without splash and make monster clouds at your next sesh!!

Handmade in Half Moon Bay, CA of high quality American made boro glass and quartz! 💎