Alpaca Bags - All Blue
Alpaca Bags - All Blue
Alpaca Bags

Alpaca Bags - All Blue

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Located deep in the La Guajira desert, close to the Colombian and Venezuelan border, is a traditional, historical, indigenous community who are known as the people of the sun, sand and wind – the Wayuu tribe.

Today the tribe is in search of sustainability; the Uribia tribe is striving to use tourism to improve their living conditions, by allowing visitors to their community and offering an insight into their traditions, cultures and brightly colored festivals. Bringing visitors to the tribes also offers the opportunity for individuals to sell textiles and ceramics, including the Wayuu’s famous Mochila bags, hammocks, and blankets made by the women of the tribe who are expert weavers and skilled at creating crafts.

Each one features a large main compartment, which easily fits a Pelican 1200, and a smaller front pocket for all of your smaller heady accessories! 🤙🔥 Plus two elastic pockets on the side for beverage on the go🍶🥾

Alpaca wool, when spun & woven into fabric, renders a super soft, yet durable fabric.🧶 Travel in style and scoop yours today!😸💜